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Paint Services



Paint Brand: We proudly use PPG, DuPont and Matrix System finishes, manufacturers of clear coats, hardeners, primers, reducers, intermix system toners, and pearls. We are dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of our customers. 

We offer solids, mattes, glosses, fades, graphics, and text. We can paint carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, titanium, and more. We paint Trek, Specialized, Cervelo, Felt, Pinarello, Giant, Valdora, Neil Pryde, Cannondale, Scott, Jamis, Litespeed, Orbea, Fuji, BMC, Canyon, Colnago, Kestrel etc. 

Colors: We offer four basic categories of color: opaque, kandie, pearl, and prismatic. Within each category there are thousands of color choices available. Each of the categories can be painted on carbon, titanium, aluminum, and steel frames. Carbon does not require a base coat. Titanium, aluminum, and steel do require a base coat. We will color match any color from a photo or print source.

Opaques: Opaque colors will be applied over a primer coat and will, therefore, not show the frame material beneath. 

Candies: Kandies are subtle, translucent colors that change their hue slightly depending on the intensity and direction of light. Painted on carbon, kandies allow the weave of the carbon fabric to show through. Frames may be entirely painted in a kandy or be painted in an opaque to kandy fade. A gold or silver metallic color may be added to the kandy to give a slightly brighter and metallic shade. 

Pearls: Pearls are also translucent colors that give a slightly "pearl like" appearance to the frame, just as the real pearl shows subtle shade differences when in the sun. When seen from varying angles the pearls will give off slightly different hues. Pearls are not used in fades but instead applied to the entire frame. 

Prismatic: Prismatics are solid colors that give off slightly different hues when seen from different angles; normally up to three shades of a base color can be seen in a prismatic color. Other brands of prismatic colors are "Cromolution" and "Harlequin." The most popular choice is the blue prismatic. 



Paint Cost

Cost includes all masking, basic colors, black, white and gloss clear finish.

  • 1 Color – $600.00

  • 2 Color – $700.00

  • 3 Color – $800.00

  • 4 Color – $900.00

  • Custom - Email for pricing

For a repaint we have a couple of options with the prep before painting. Included in the price we scuff and sand the existing paint and use as a base coat. The option is too completely strip the old paint inspect for stress fractures, primer, paint colors, paint decals (using stencils) much better finish than vinyl and apply clear. The final finish is the same if we scuff or remove the paint. The difference is weight saving of about 120 – 220 grams and knowing the carbon is in good shape. 



Custom art work design available. 

  • 2 Colors – $100.00 and up

  • 3 Colors - $150.00 and up

  • 4 Colors – $200.00 and up

    Decal Cost

    We can match all makes and model decals.

  • $180.00 - $250.00 One color based on the number of decals

  • $200.00 - $300.00 Multiple color decals or outlined decals

  • $75.00 Customer supplied decal application (underneath clear coat)

  • $60.00 Custom stencils from provided artwork

  • $30.00 Name painted on top tube



  • Stripping old paint - $200.00

  • Color toners $80.00 and up

  • Candy colors - $100.00 extra per color

  • Pearls - $80.00 extra

  • Fluorescent - $80.00 - $150.00 extra

  • Prismatics - $200.00 and up

  • Chrome paint – Available on request

  • Matte finish - $80.00

  • Matte / Gloss finish $150.00 and up

  • Magna clear with matte or gloss finish - $50.00

  • Fork only - $180.00

  • Stem - $80.00 1 color

  • Bar – $80.00 1 color

  • Seat post - $80.00 1 color

  • Cosmetic Work - $100 and up